Practical Plastics Rainwater Tanks...

  • Old concrete tanks can get calcium leaching out of the walls, forming white deposits.
  • Tin and gal iron tanks can react chemically with the water, especially minerals in bore water.
  • Plastic lined corrogated iron tanks sweat between the liner and the corrogated iron causing rust. The liner will split and is not vermon proof.
  • Fibreglass tanks break down after a period of time.
  • Open top tanks or tanks with shadecloth over the top allow dirt, debris and sunlight into them causing algae growth.

Choosing Rainwater Tanks

Choosing A Rainwater Tank

What size do I need?

The installation of a ‘large as possible’ rainwater tank and harvesting rainwater from your roof minimises the impact of water shortages and lessens your water costs.

  • Calculate your likely annual usage from the water storage requirement table below.
  • Using the water catchment table and the average rainfall for your area, calculate the amount of rainwater captured by your roof.
  • Now you can check your intended usage against the average annual catchment.
  • Identify your proposed tank site and measure the space and height available.

Water Storage Requirements Table

 The following tables displayed show estimated figures and should only be used as a guide.

Average Household Water Requirements

*Daily Use includes bath, toilet, cleaning teeth, etc.

Application 1 Person 2 People 4 People Usage X #Days Litres
*Daily Use 250L 360L 650L                               X                      
Washing Machine 120L 130L 150L   X    
Dishwasher 35L 35L 35L   X    




Average Garden Water Requirements Table


Application Garden Garden & Lawn Usage X #Days Litres
Small garden area 135L 355L                              X                         
Typical garden area 150L 495L   X    
Large garden area 165L 1125L   X    





All Practical Plastics NT Pty Ltd products are made from tank grade polymer and approved for the storage of food and water with a UV factor of 24. All materials are Australian origin and manufactured. Practical tanks are one piece construction for tough, stress free and overall construction strength, combined with a wide ranges of sizes and shapes for ease of installation.